230 Mile Expedition Ultra Trail Run

Are you ready to run 230 miles through African wilderness #InTheFootstepsOfGiants?

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About The Race

 The Tusker is a 230 Mile, non stop, self navigated, semi-supported ultra trail run through the Eden To Addo Wildlife Corridor.

The roue connects the 3 mega reserves of the Addo Elephant National Park, the Baviaanskloof Reserve and the Garden Route National Park.

Runners will traverse 7 mountain ridges as they race through 5 of the 7 natural biomes in South Africa from the start in Addo to the finish at Diepwalle.


~230 Miles


108 Hours


~11500 Meters


35 Solo / 15 Teams

General Race Information

Distance: ~230 Mile Single Stage Race

Time allocated: 108 Hours

Elevation Gain: ~11500 Meters

Checkpoints: 15

Sleep Stations: 4

Runners will have a total of 108 hours to complete the race.

The route is UNMARKED, and must be navigated by means of the supplied GPX route.

All runners will carry trackers so that we can follow your progress and know where you are at all times.


Solo Entry

Drop bags allowed: 1

Race format: Single stage (non stop).

Own 4×4 support vehicle required: No

Solo athletes will be allowed 1 drop bag, but will have a choice of 2 locations at which to leave it - choose wisely!

They will traverse the route in a non-stop fashion until crossing the finish line.

They will be allowed to sleep only at designated Sleep Station Checkpoints, and for no longer than 5 hours at a time.

There will be cutoffs at each sleep station - these have not yet been finalised, and will be communicated to runners as soon as they have been.

Team Entry

Drop bags allowed: 0

Race format: Relay

Own 4×4 support vehicle required: Yes

Team runners will each run an ultra distance stage, approximate distances as follows:

Stage 1: ~79kms (Start to Sleep Station 1 / CP3)

Stage 2: ~88kms (Sleep Station 1 to Sleep Station 2 / CP7)

Stage 3: ~80kms (Sleep Station 2 to Sleep Station 3 / CP11)

Stage 4: ~65kms (Sleep Station 3 to Sleep Station 4 / CP14)

Stage 5: ~59kms (Sleep Station 4 to Finish)

PLEASE NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change. All entrants will be notified of any such changes well in advance.


Tuesday 22 October 2024

12h00 - 18h00 - Registration

18h30 - 21h00 - Light supper & race briefing

21h30 - Transports leave for race start (drive time appoximately 1 hour)

Wednesday 23 October 2024

00h00 - Race Start

Sunday 27 October 2024

12h00 - Final Race Cutoff

13h00 - Prize giving ceremony & finishers lunch


Compulsory Item Checklist

NOTE: This list is subject to change. All entrants will be notified of such changes well before the race,

As this race is a winter race, runners are required to have the following with them at all times along the route:


  1. a minimum 12litre capacity back pack to carry all your gear (we recommend a 20l pack if possible)
  2. ability to carry at least 2 litres of water (bladder or bottles/soft flasks)
  3. emergency whistle
  4. full water proof jacket (taped seams & hood)
  5. long sleeve base layer / fleece (minimum 200g)
  6. long pants / thermal pants (recommend waterproof)
  7. buff/beanie
  8. gloves
  9. compression bandage / strapping
  10. 2 x space blankets
  11. first aid kit (sterile dressings, roll of strapping tape, blister care patches, plasters, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and any relevant personal medications)
  12. electrolytes
  13. emergency food ration (minimum 400 calories)
  14. anti-chafe cream (Squirrels Nut Butter or similar)
  15. reusable/plastic cup - no cup, no race
  16. 2 x torch/headlamp & 6 sets of fresh batteries (1 in the torch/headlamp, and 5 spare)
  17. GPS unit with race route pre-loaded + power (batteries or powerbank) - enquire with us as to what is acceptable in this regard.
  18. fully charged mobile phone (keep in flight mode or switch off to conserve battery)
  19. charging option for phone/gps unit (powerbank - recommended minimum is 5000 mAh)
  20. medical info card (provided in your race pack) - due to the nature of the terrain, we do not always have cellphone or radio signal, so should a medic have to treat you in an emergency in such an area, having your basic medical information on hand (blood type, allergies, medical aid no, emergency contact) is essential. Keep this in a ziploc bag in your pack.

The following items are recommended to be in your pack.


  1. dry bag
  2. running peak or cap
  3. sunglasses
  4. sun screen (IMPORTANT!)
  5. ziplock bags
  6. wet wipes
  7. microfibre towel
  8. dettol (disinfectant)
  9. superglue
  10. zip ties

The race starts at the Addo Elephant National Park, Pietersenskraal section, at 00h00 on Wednesday 23 October, and finishes at 12h00 on Sunday 27 October at the Diepwalle Forest Station in the Garden Route National Park.

Only official participants displaying their race numbers are allowed on the route. The race numbers must be worn on the front at all times and must be clearly visible.

Other than the participant’s race number, personal advertising is permitted on clothing provided that it is not in conflict with any of our official sponsors.

It is compulsory that participants run with drinking bottles or bladder and carry a minimum of 2 litres of water between Check Points. These water bottles and bladders can be filled at the Check Points.

It is mandatory to run with a race pack or vest. Minimum pack capacity is 12 litres.

Water will not be handed out in sachets.

Each participant must carry a headlamp / torch plus a spare light source (plus 6 sets of spare batteries). Any participant found running in the dark without a working headlamp will be withdrawn from the event.

The route will be UNMARKED. Runners mus self navigate using the supplied GPX route files. The entire route must be completed to finish the race.

If for any reason a participant leaves the marked route, he/she must return to the point of departure before continuing the race.

Any participant that gets into a vehicle for whatever reason will be disqualified.

This event is a foot race and the entire route must be traversed by foot. Any participant with a disability of any kind that would require a form of mechanical device is to bring this to the attention of the race organisers for approval. Walking poles may be used.

Except in an emergency, no assistance may be accepted by any participant between Check Points.

If any emergency assistance is received between Check Points, this must be brought to the attention of the Check Point Captain at the next Check Point.

Each participant must make sure that he/she has been checked in and out of each Check Point.

Any form of litter or destruction of the natural habitat will result in immediate disqualification. Nothing at all may be discarded between Check Points i.e. food wrappings, empty gel packs etc.

No using soap in any rivers / streams you may encounter along the way.

Any interference with another participant will result in disqualification.

Only single headphones allowed. You must have one ear open in order to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

All participants must sign their registration forms and collect their race number and satellite tracker at Registration between 12h00 & 18h00 pm on Tuesday 22 October.

Mandatory kit inspection will also take place here, so please ensure you bring your race vest/pack with all required items. If you do not have the required items you will not be allowed to start the race.

Entrants can drop a support bag off at the same time.

There will be cutoff times at selected CP’s along the way. These will be communicated to runners as soon as they have been finalised.

Final cut off time for the Tusker is 12h00 on Sunday 27 October. Entrants will have 108 hrs to complete the course.

Smoking is not permitted for the duration of the event.

Refund Policy

For Full entries:

Cancel before 31 July: 75% refund
Cancel between Aug 1 and Aug 31: 50% refund
Cancel after Aug 31: No refund

For Corridor Warrior entries:

Cancel before 31 Aug: 50% refund
Cancel after 31 Aug: No refund

About The Corridor

The Eden to Addo vision is to link three mega-reserves, the Garden Route National Park, The Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site and the Addo Elephant National Park by means of natural corridors to protect and restore the integrity of bio-diversity and eco-system functioning.

Climate change and rapidly accelerating loss of biodiversity is intrinsically linked. Fragmentation of the landscape is the greatest cause of loss of biodiversity.

Protecting and restoring natural corridors is the solution.

This race aims to assist the Eden To Addo Corridor Initiative through raising funds to assist them in carrying out their vision.

For more information, please visit the Eden To Addo website, or follow them on Facebook.

Become A Tusker Corridor Warrior

We wanted to make sure that this race was accessible to anyone, and we also wanted to make sure that we could meet our primary objective of raising funds for the Eden To Addo Corridor Initiative.

So we came up with the idea of the Tusker Corridor Warriors.

Corridor Warriors agree to become fundraisers for the Eden To Addo Corridor Initiative.

In return they are rewarded with a tiered discounted entry fee based on how much they raise.

Click here to see all the current warriors and their fundraising efforts to date

The way it works is as follows:

  1. You pay your deposit to secure your entry (R2500 - Solo / R5000 - Team). This is non-refundable UNLESS you hit the top tier of your fundraisinng target.
  2. We setup a BackABuddy.co.za profile for you that is linked to the special Tusker group under the Eden To Addo Corridor Initiative’s fundraising profile.
  3. You have until 31 August 2024 to raise the funds.
  4. For every tier you reach (from 1-7), you get a 20% discount on your entry.
  5. If you reach the top tier (Tier 7), then you get a FREE ENTRY, and your deposit can be refunded to you or you can elect to donate it to the corridor.
  6. We will do a recon on 31 August 2024 to see where you are, and depending on which tier you have reached, you will then have until 30 September to pay the difference in to secure your entry.

Here are some pactical examples of how this will work.

These examples are calculated on individual runner target tiers, but the same rules will apply to teams. Teams have a higher overall target as there are more people involved to help meet it.

Example #1 

If you raise R2500 (ie. you reach Tier 1) by 31 August - your entry fee drops to R10k, of which you have already paid R2500, so you now only have to pay the balance of R7500 by September 30 to secure your entry. The R2500 you have raised is paid directly to the corridor project.

Example #2 

If you raise R6250 (second tier) by 31 August - your entry fee drops from R10k (tier 1 discounted price you have already qualified for) to R8000, of which you have already paid R2500, so you then need to pay in the difference of R5500 by September 30.

Example #3 

If you only raise R1000 by 31 August (ie. you don’t reach the minimum R2500 first tier threshold), then your entry fee stays at R12500, of which you already paid R2500, so you will then be liable for the R10k difference by September 30.

Example #4 

If you raise R25000 by 31 August (ie. you reach the top tier), then your entry is 100% FREE! 

We can then either refund you the initial R2500 deposit or you can opt to donate it to the corridor project.

The bottom line is that more you raise for the corridor, the less you have to pay to have an opportunity to run through this amazing landscape.

Solo Corridor Warrior

Tier Raised Entry Fee To pay Sep 30
0 <2500.00 12500.00 10000.00
1 2500.00 10000.00 7500.00
2 6250.00 8000.00 5500.00
3 10000.00 6400.00 3900.00
4 13750.00 5120.00 2620.00
5 17500.00 4096.00 1596.00
6 21250.00 3276.80 776.80
7 25000.00 0.00 0.00

Team Corridor Warrior

Tier Raised Entry Fee To pay Sep 30
0 <5000.00 25000.00 20000.00
1 5000.00 20000.00 15000.00
2 12500.00 16000.00 11000.00
3 20000.00 12800.00 7800.00
4 27500.00 10240.00 5240.00
5 35000.00 8192.00 3192.00
6 42500.00 6553.60 1553.60
7 50000.00 0.00 0.00

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